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Peer Forums
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The Idaho Medical Group Management Association Peer Forums strive to create groups of colleagues in the medical practice community who are interested in sharing questions, strategies, best practices, and experiences to find solutions to some of the healthcare industry's hot topics through discussion and sharing, which can ultimately be taken back with you to your practice.

Idaho MGMA's Peer Forums will consist of small groups of members, with a forum facilitator to guide discussion. Facilitators will have the autonomy to refine their groups based upon individual contribution and participation of the forum members. Members are only expected to attend a reasonable number of scheduled Peer Forums. Members who fail to attend a reasonable number of scheduled forums risk being removed from the Peer Forum communication list.

If you're interested in joining colleagues in participating in Idaho MGMA's Peer Forums, please complete the interest form below. If you have any questions about these new Peer Forums, please feel free to reach out to us at

Peer Forum Constructs
Roundtable Format
  • Led by a Forum Facilitator.
  • Facilitator re-states the importance of confidentiality at beginning of each session.
  • Forum starts on time; ends on time.
  • Peers are expected to come to forum meetings with a relevant and timely “messy problem” they can describe in 2 minutes – no clarifying questions are asked.
  • Facilitator leads the group through the topic selection process.
  • Once the topic is selected, the Topic Presenter has 5-10 minutes to expand upon the issue and present why it is a ‘messy problem’ to the group.
  • Beginning with the Peer sitting immediately left of the Facilitator, each Peer has the opportunity to ask one (and only one) clarifying question. Other Peers may not "piggy-back" on this question, but must wait until it is their turn.
  • Topic Presenter answers each question as succinctly as possible. 
  • After each Peer has asked a clarifying question, the Facilitator allows subsequent rounds of questions to be asked until there are no further clarifying questions – but maintains the same order around the table.
  • Once all questions have been addressed, each Peer offers a solution to the Topic Presenter. Again, this process starts with the Peer sitting immediately to the left of the Facilitator and participants must not offer solutions out of turn.
  • Once all solutions have been offered, the Topic Presenter states what he or she intends to do to address the topic, and when. The Topic Presenter is expected to follow up with the Peer Forum with an update on the topic within an appropriate timeframe.
  • The Forum is adjourned.
Topical Format
  • Led by a Forum Facilitator.
  • Facilitator periodically asks Peer Forum for recommendations on topics of interest. (which could include general industry information, short articles, videos, etc.)
  • One week in advance of a scheduled forum meeting, the Facilitator poses a question, suggests a topic for discussion, and distributes a short article, Ted Talk, or similar item for discussion.
  • Participants are expected to come to the meeting prepared for discussion.  
  • Forum starts on time; ends on time.
  • Facilitator prepares short list of thought-provoking questions regarding the topic and facilitates discussion from all members.

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