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Idaho MGMA Vendor Directory
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The Idaho MGMA Vendor Directory is an industry buyer’s guide for products/services in Idaho, available to Idaho MGMA members and those visiting the website for their practice management needs.

Operations and Supplies
Everything CPAP

Ancillary Services

Medical Devices, Supplies, Equipment 

1166 N. Cole Road

Suite D

Boise, Idaho 83704

Phone: 208-323-2727

Fax: 208-323-1615

Everything CPAP is the new standard of sleep apnea care. We integrate education, instruction, clinical research, and excellence in follow up to create a personalized, comprehensive approach to treatment.
Medical Management, Inc. (MedMan)

Practice Management Firms

Administrative, Management Outsourcing

Staff Training

P.O. Box 5328 

Boise, Idaho 83705

Phone: 208-333-0000

MedMan is America’s first physician practice management company and calls Boise home. From the beginning, it has been MedMan’s mission to create clinics that work. They achieve this by leveraging their network of professional administrators, backed by healthcare executives and 40 years’ of industry experience to move clinics from good to great. 
Career Development and Human Resources
Finance, Coding, Billing, and Accounting

Payer Contracting

408 E. Parkcenter Boulevard

Suite 100 

Boise, Idaho 83706

Phone: 208-333-1513

Fax: 208-433-4605

IPN manages a Network of contracted and credentialed providers used by insurance companies, TPAs and employer groups. They choose IPN as their network to offer access to quality providers and reduce costs and out-of-pocket expenses. IPN negotiates discounted pricing with providers and, working as a liaison for both Payors and providers, is dedicated to excellent customer service.
MedPro Group


5814 Reed Road 

Fort Wayne, Indiana 46835

Phone: 800-463-3776

Fax: 866-417-5068

MedPro Group is the national leader in customized insurance solutions for physicians, healthcare professionals, hospitals, and healthcare facilities. Full carrier information is available at
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Idaho Medical Group Management Association

P.O. Box 7674 Boise, ID 83707


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